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The idea of the center stemmed from several people from the village of Beit Ommar consisting of youth are studying in universities and other are graduated, This idea comes mainly to find benefits for students and graduates and to find job opportunities for them in particular and the community benefits from the activities of this center in general by establishing a youth center to support youth life, between ages 18-35, in the agricultural town of Beit Ommar.


Center Information

Eshraqa Youth Organization is a non-profit organization and is not exclusive to any one, where the administrative body and the Public body consist of Palestinians youth class from the town of Beit Ommar to support Palestinian.


Youth Empowerment Program

The Youth Committee in Beit Ommar was established in January 2010 and has a membership of over 500 local young men and women now. They are very active and highly committed to improving conditions in their community by giving programs which consist of Youth Committees, youth leadership workshops, free English lessons, supporting youth in their education, women activities.


Description of Need


Beit Ommar is a town of 17,000 residents situated between Hebron and Bethelehem in the southern Occupied Palestian Terroteries. There are more than 1000 Students study at universities and polytechnics in Hebron and Bethelehem, and at Al Quds University inAbu Dis. And more than 1000 youth are either unemployed or still didn’t enter universities.

Therefore the primary aim is to provide any kind of help for youth, ages 18-29, whose education is continually disrupted by arbitrary restrictions imposed by the Occupation.


Target Category


Are Palestinian youths in Beit Ommar between the ages of 18 – 35, where to involve Palestinian youths in various activities for the interest of the community and create opportunities for young creative minds.


Center’s activities


Center includes many of the activities that will be conducted mainly including: cultural, media, social, health, technical, agricultural, and educational.

Where these activities will be led by Palestinian youth who are people with social relations and local and international, This category educated and mostly graduates from universities who are the owners of sufficient capacity in this area.


Center’s purposes


• The advancement of society in the Palestinian town of Beit Ommar

• Create and develop the skills and creativity of youths 
• Activating the role of women and to highlight its position in Palestinian society 
• Try to develop youths in societies
• Raise awareness among young Palestinian intellectual 
• Try to deliver the voice of young Palestinians for the West 
• Create better living conditions for unemployed Palestinian youths


Our Message


Eshraqa Youth Organization is an independent youth organization works to develop the capacity of Palestinian youth culturally, socially and technically by involving them in projects, programs and creative initiatives supporting them to deliver theirs voice to various fields.



Our Vision


Eshraqa Youth Organization is the house which will contain under its roof the youth to develop them so they will be leaders of tomorrow.



Center bodies


Yoth center consists of two important bodies:


A-   Public body: which consist of Youths from the agricultural town of Beit Ommar in present and from other villages in future, and they can be from 10 to 10 000 in number, they are in the ages between (18 – 29), who apply for the center and they have the right to vote every 4 years to get a new administrative body, also they have the right to get a yearly report about the center achievements.


B-    Administrative Body: which consist of (13) youths from the agricultural town of Beit Ommar. Which they are (8) males and (5) female as the Palestinians law requires, their duty to run the center and to get aid and projects for the youths.  



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