The idea of the courses stemmed from several people from the village of Beit Ommar consisting of youth are studying in universities and other are graduated, This idea comes  to find benefits for graduates to find job opportunities for them by teaching and the community benefits through the students benefits, also we have in Beit Ommar over 30 disabled students have struggles in their education in schools so our second aim is to provide them a decent education in a place away from school or any formality of education


1-    To employ graduated students who don’t have a job.


2-    To help disabled students to adopt with education atmosphere.


3-    To help poor students to get a decent education


Corruption Angle


In our region there is no free educational centers for poor and disabled students that’s why they face many obstacles such as the sociality reasons and financial inputs to improve their qualifications and to show them  to the community and to break down the silence and shame bounders between them and others.

Disabled students have no special care from the authority and the ministry  of education so we as youth committee facing the daily needs of our generation problems carry on our shoulders the responsibility to have a good and new projects to help and support this category and raise their hands to say we are here and that’s what we need. 


Social Impact


-This project will be the first step for disabled students to go out of their atmosphere and to engage more with society; also it will give disabled and their families’ hopes and optimistic opportunities so they could continue their educational life.

-Project will improve trainer’s abilities and use their experiences in positive way.






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