Eshraqah Youth Org in partner with (PSD) develop their programs and activities to achieve sustainable community development by improving and building the capacities and skills of young people. Through service learning projects, Eshraqah is developing communities and youth to self-initiate their own sustainable projects, while empowering women to build their own businesses and vocational skills and maximizing local resources. Eshraqah prepares students to acquire analytical/ entrepreneurial skills by promoting creative thinking and innovation through Information and Communication Technology.
Project Overview
NETKETABi represents a unique multi-dimensional opportunity for the children and youth of Palestine to acquire 21st century skills. The main goal is to provide educational solution by developing content, provide over 280,000 netbook computers with training package to Palestinian children and youth.
Given that netbook is designed as a cost-effective educational solution, the NETKETABi grants Palestinian children and youth of all socioeconomic backgrounds educational and learning opportunities. It provides young generations with the tools needed for innovative, critical and creative thinking. The project will prepare the youth for the knowledge-based and global economy, eventually reshaping the future of Palestinian society and impacting the future development of the country.
NETKETABi is a project of Ehraqah Youth organization.
Supported by Paletel Group Foundation (PGF), Palestine Investment Fund (PIF), Global Catalyst Foundation (GCF), Skoll Foundation, Consolidated Constructors Company (CCC), Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), Intel corporation, and EastNet.
General Information
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