The goal of establishing the summer camp is to enable children and youth to enjoy normal life like their peers all over the world, far from the streets which only educates generations violent and does not have a positive value of life itself, or far from study pressure or academic lectures. We thought of a series of activities that contribute to strengthening the confidence for children and youth and endow them with new skills and knowledge that will change their view and meaning of life and, above all, to live their childhood away from the reality of bitter life, poverty, violence  and the outcome of Israeli occupation, which affects the Palestinian community, especially the children and youth who witnessed and realized deprivation, war and bloodshed which affected directly and indirectly their personality, their mental and intellectual structure and their view of life as a whole.


Therefore, we chose out of a sense of national, ethical and moral responsibility to contribute this modest effort to our children and youth to change the stereotype image that took root in the consciousness of them about life because of the suffering they went through and lived in detail. We have built a program of varied activities and events, including recreational, educational, sports, art and music, etc. that contribute effectively in promoting the concepts of non-violence, dialogue, acceptance of others, the simplest forms of democracy and most of all entertainment and recreation.



We hope to success in bringing a smile to the faces of children  and youth and change the pessimistic outlook to life with another full of hope, love, peace and the desire to live, and we hope to continue to do our duty towards our children and youth, our society and our cause. 


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